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If you roof is 10 years or older there is a substantial chance that you already have hail damage.

The older a roof gets the more susceptible it becomes to even small hail. When a hailstone strikes your shingle it knocks the granules off thereby exposing the mat. The mat is a petroleum based product and will further deteriorate with exposure to the sun and elements.

We will provide a no cost, no obligation roof inspection and let you know if you have sufficient damage to make a claim. If we determine you have damage, you will need to call your insurance company and file a claim. At that point they will assign an adjuster to come out and inspect your property. If we are successful in persuading them to pay for roof (we have over a 90% success rate) we will negotiate with the insurance adjuster an amount to repair the damages. Most insurance companies use estimating software to determine that amount they will pay for the repairs.

The insurance company will then issue a partial payment for your claim. They will hold back a percentage of the repairs, usually 30-40% until Summit Renovation confirms that the work is being done. They will then issue the balance for the entire replacement cost.

Oftentimes, the mortgage company will be listed as a co-payee on the checks. The mortgage company what’s to make sure the work is performed as well. We are experts as dealing with both the mortgage company and insurance company and are well versed in all of their procedures. We will navigate the entire process for you at no cost.

When it comes to hail damage-or any type of roofing problems-Summit Renovation is here to help.

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As a property owner, you will appreciate our quick turn-around time, which is often just one or two days. And you can take comfort in knowing that we will protect your landscaping and clean your yard thoroughly. So ask your neighbors about us. And then call Summit Renovation for a complimentary roof inspection. You don´t even have to be home – we will call you with our findings.

Summit Renovation is bonded and insured and enjoys membership with the Better Business Bureau, the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, and Angie´s List. For more information about us please visit our About Us page.


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